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Doctor Ziselman Your First Visit
Thank you for choosing our practice to help maintain your oral health. We are here to render quality care in a professional and friendly atmosphere.

Please plan on arriving several minutes early, to allow time to give us your health history and insurance information. Most often, we will ask you for your insurance information on the phone, prior to your first visit. This allows us to establish your insurance eligibility prior to your arrival to our office so that we can spend our time on you during your appointment.

Your first visit will be approximately one hour long. During this visit, we will check your teeth for any tooth decay, examine your bite and check your temporomandibular joints (joints that connect the lower jaw to the skull). A periodontal exam will be performed to check for any gum disease. During your exam, we will also screen for pre-cancerous changes in your oral tissues. We will review any dental problems and/or dental treatment options with you.

Dental radiographs (X-rays) may be necessary as a part of your exam. Dental radiographs can help to assess tooth decay, periodontal disease and any abnormalities.

As a part of your visit, we will clean your teeth and teach you the best way to keep your mouth healthy. We will review your brushing and flossing technique.
  Office Hours
20 East 46th Street (between Madison Ave and Fifth Ave)
Suite 1300
New York, NY 10017
Phone: 212-371-1999

Monday 9 AM - 4 PM
Tuesday 9 AM - 6:30 PM
Wednesday 9 AM - 5:30 PM
Thursday 9 AM - 5:30 PM
Friday 9 AM - 2 PM
  Emergency Information

Tooth Knocked Out

If a permanent tooth is knocked out of the mouth, call your dentist immediately because the tooth's long term prognosis is dependent on the tooth being placed back in its socket as soon as possible.

Locate the tooth and pick it up by the crown portion (the part of the tooth that usually extends into the mouth). Do not handle the root of the tooth. Rinse, but do not scrub, the root of the tooth. If you can, reinsert the tooth back into its socket and hold it in place to stabilize it until you get to the dentist. If you cannot put the tooth back into the socket, place the tooth between the cheek and the gum or place it in a cup of water or milk. This will keep it moist.

Injuries to Lips, Tongue and Cheeks
Lacerations and puncture wounds should be cleaned with warm water. If the area is bleeding, apply pressure with sterile gauze. If the bleeding persists, seek immediate treatment at an emergency room.

Clean the area around the affected tooth. You may rinse with warm salt water. In the event of swelling, apply a cold compress to the face. Over the counter pain medications may be taken. Do not apply any medications directly to the tooth or gum area around the tooth. Call your dentist immediately.

Broken Tooth
If you have broken a piece of your tooth, keep the area clean with your toothbrush. Fractures that do not involve the nerve of the tooth can be restored by your dentist with a filling or a crown. If the nerve is involved, root canal treatment may be needed. If the fracture is very deep, the tooth may need to be extracted. Call your dentist to determine if immediate treatment is necessary.
  Payment Information
We accept most PPO/PDP insurance Dental Plans. Some of the plans we accept are: MetLife, Guardian, Delta, Cigna, Meritan, United Concordia, and United Healthcare. Please, call us if your plan is not listed to verify if we are a participating provider.

We accept the following payment methods: cash, check, Amex, Visa and MasterCard.

Please consult our office manager, if special arrangements are needed.
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